RS399B Automatic Truck Wheel Balancing Equipment

RS399B Automatic truck wheel balancing equipment

Product feature
The balancer has independent intellectual property rights completely .
Bigger nixie tube displays the data;it is convenient to watch by user .
Has function to shift... more...


RS008MN Heavy Duty Mobile Truck Tire Changer Machine for 14-26inch Tire

truck used mobile tire changer machine

14-26inch mobile tire changer machine used for truck,bus and tractors .
This machine is provided with air compressor and generator , easy to use in workshop or road service after installation .
... more...


RS-35W Inground Mounted Scissor Car Lift for Wheel Alignment

inground mounted scissor car lift for wheel alignment

RS-35W Full rise 2 cylinder in ground mounted scissor car lift for wheel alignment to the market of EU .
1) Lifting capacity : 4000kgs
       2) Max Lifting h... more...


RS008MN 14-26inch Mobile Truck Tire Changer for Road Service

RS008MN 14-26inch mobile truck tire changer for road service

Road service used mobile truck tire changer for 14-26inc rim , picture was taken by customer .
1)Rim capacity:  14"-26"
       2) Max.wh... more...


RS-30M Middle Rise Portable Scissor Car Lift

Portable scissor lift

RS-3OM middle rise portable scissor car lift to Japan for tire changer distributor .
1)Lifting capacity:3000kgs
       2) Max Lifting height :1000mm
       3) Lowest... more...

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