Wheel Aligner

RS-3DI Manual Adjust Infrared 3D Camera Car Wheel Alignment

RS-V3DI 3D camera used car wheel alignment
Product feature
1. Windows 7 computer system , 3D wheel alignment software ;
2. Easy to operate with guiding menu, to read alignment database within 3 minutes;
3. No electric element & ba...

RS-3DIII Full Automatic 3D Wheel Alignment System

3D wheel alignment system

Product feature
Windows 7, machine with self-owned intellectual property ;
Automatic adjustment for height of camera beam , automatic tracking the target plates ;
Automatic checking for height of car li...

RS-3DII Infrared Wheel Alignment Equipment

infrared four wheel aligner

Product feature
1. Windows 7 ;
2. Easy to operate with guiding machine menu,to read alignment database within 3minutes ;
3. The fault of machine can be reduced as no electric element & battery &am...

RS-A7 Bluetooth Sensor CCD Wheel Alignment Machine

RS-A7 CCD wheel alignment machine
Product feature
1. Windows XP 2014 professional software ;
2. Pure CCD image processing, image recognition measurement
3. Bluetooth 2.4G wireless transmission technology, the phone can be identified

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