Automotive Equipment

RS-913 Semi Automatic AC Recharging Machine

1) R134a dedicated refrigerant recovery equipment.
2) Control the running by microcomputer.
3) Recover, regenerate, vacuum, charge and fill oil.
4) LCD Chinese/English manual, easy operation
5) Fine collection of pipeline
6) Inflate the N2. increase pressure, vacuum, leak detect.
7) Equipped with small tank charge port.

RS953 Full Automatic R134A Recovery Refrigerant Recycling Machine

1) R134a dedicated refrigerant recovery equipment.
2) Automatic/manual alternative Chinese / English operating system.
3) Diagnostic, leakage detect, recover, clean an recharge.
4) Accurately weigh refrigerant with electronic weigh scale.
5) Purge filter enhance the effect of recycled refrigerant.
6) Dispose the residual coolant according SAE regulation.
7) Inflate the N2 , increase pressure, vacuum, leak detect.

Car Aervice Equipment Pneumatic Oil Collecting Machine

1) Working pressure : 1-3bar
2) The greatest pressure : 4bar
3) Tank capacity : 80L
4) Basin capacity : 10L
5) Medium: Lubricating oil
6) Weight : 20 kgs

RS-2500A Automatic Nitrogen Generator

1) Inflation/deflation/pressure testing are all automatically controlled by MPU.
2) High-accuracy pressure sensor, accurate and durable.
3) Accessories include Two stage filters, 50L inner tank ,10M hose with inflating mouth .
4) Test range : 0.1-6.0kg/cm2
5) Air pressure : ﹤8kg/cm2
6) Air consumption : 480L/min
7) Working temperature : -10°C~50°C
8) N2 purity : ≥95%
9) N2 production : 50L/min
10) Power supply : 220V/50HZ,50W
11) Usage : Motorcycle , Van ,Car
12) Packing:72*52*142cm,65kgs/68kgs

RS-30DT Automatic Transmission Cleaning Machine

Main feature
1) power source : DC12V
2) weight : 45kg
3) Packing: 64*49*105 cm
4) Scope range :Middle-small gasoline and diesel vehicles
5) 2 pumps, new oil cycling oil speed monitor(cycle display)
6) change the oil of by power of gear-box, it can shift to oil extracting function automatically after the oil exchange is completed
7) The whole progress is fast and high effective
8) Effectively protect the gear-box, and remove the grease and impurity in it, Assure equal amount exchange

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