Automotive Equipment

RS-LD6L Fuel Injector Cleaner with LCD display

Test the injecting state of six injectors at same time
1) Test the injecting uniformity
2) Test the injecting atomizing
3) Test the seal and dribbling of injector
4) Test the injecting volume
5) Imitate the running state of injectors to diagnostic fault
6) Eliminate the residua and carbon in injectors by ultrasonic cleaning
7) Clean the engine system on vehicle
8) Various connectors(optional)are include Hose/Tail type,K and GDI type
9) Automatically simulate the nine running state to make test nine memory program
10) 5 inch widely screen LCD Chinese/English manual
11) Purge the residue in the rail and injector after test

RS312 Steam Vacuum Car Washing Machine

1) Steam water consumption 10L/H
2) Steam water pressure 5-10bar
3) Steam water temperature 156-175
4) Tank capacity 10L
5) Heating power 3KW
6) Vacuum power 1.2KW
7) Power supply 220V/50HZ/1PH
8) Size: 550x400x950mm, 36kgs

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