RS-435H Hydraulic Unlock 4 Post Wheel Alignment Lift

Hydraulic used 4 post wheel alignment lift

Hydraulic used 4 post wheel alignment lift

Main features


1. Reasonable design, inside oil and air tube, attractive appearance

2. Lowest height:175mm

3. Adopt best quality raw steel material to keep long time service

4. Safety lock and anti-broken cable lock to keep safe operation

5. Adopt US powder coating, elegant appearance, and color can be chosen

6. Pneumatic unlock design, convenient and safe operation

7. Pneumatic and handle central jack as optional as customer choosing

8. Can assist to aligner

9. Quality hydraulic and electrical components, no oil relief, no noise and long time service

10. CE certificate


Technic data

Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Length of platform


Lowest height


Lifting time


Lowering time


Motor power


Power supply

110V/220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ 1PH/3PH

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