RS-40W Onground Mounted Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift

RS40W wheel alignment used super thin scissor lift

RS40W wheel alignment used super thin scissor lift

Main feature 

  1. 4ton ultra thin max scissor lifts design for alignment ,car checking and repair

  2. On-ground or in ground mounted

  3. Four hydraulic design and differential hydraulic is convenient for balance and keep good synchrony

  4. Self-mechanical lock ensure the safety up work,and pneumatic unlock,lowest noise

  5. Parallelism of two platform can be adjustable within 1mm to guarantee the precision of the alignment

  6. 24V low tension safety control

  7. Movable center rolling jack

  8. Build in motor overload protection device

  9. Manual emergency lowering pump for the release of the safeties

  10. Various turntable plates as optional

  11. Safety photocall for the position of the two platform as optional for balance and safety

  12. CE certificate



Technic data  

Lifting capacity


Power supply

110V/220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ 1PH /3PH



Max lifting height


(jack)  375MM

Lowest height


Lifting time


Air pressure


Hydraulic pressure


Length of platform


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